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DreamCatcher Youth Services is a comprehensive front line constellation of programs designed to serve homeless and trafficked youth ages 13-18 in Alameda County by connecting them to stable housing, consistent resources, community and peer supports. We believe that basic needs must be met for the work of healing to begin.

It is our 14 years of experience and exceptional results in moving youth from the streets to a safe and stable environment that infuses every aspect of the program. We are trauma-informed, youth-positive, and strength-based, using a low barrier, harm reduction model. We understand that a core need of all youth is for connection and from the first point of contact, building a trustworthy relationship is our focus. Trauma and life challenges can bring a positive and enhanced experience of personal strengths and outlooks therefore positive trauma growth outcomes is modeled by staff and embedded in every aspect of programming.

There is no wrong door. Each of our programs is a safe landing place that is integrated with all other programs so that wherever a youth enters, they have access to all services. Often this means that trust is first built at the dinner table so that later the youth can move to the safety of the shelter, or trust is built in the shelter enabling the youth to find peer support and community in one of the Drop in Centers that most comfortably fits the youth’s needs.